UPDATE: Bet-Tamraz couple flees Iran after combined 15 years prison sentence for teaching Christianity

TEHRAN – The Syriac Assyrian couple Victor (66) and Shamiram (65) Bet-Tamraz have fled the Islamic Republic of Iran on August 15, 2020, after the couple lost their appeal against a combined 15 years prison sentence for teaching converts about Christianity. Victor Bet-Tamraz was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017, and Shamiram was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2018.

The couple’s son Ramiel Bet-Tamraz was released from prison in March of this year after having served a 4-month sentence because of his participation in house church celebrations. There is no information of him having left the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The couple’s daughter Dabrina Bet-Tamraz,  a doctor, already fled the country several years ago and is now living in Switzerland.