Syrian regime targets rebel positions in Idlib with rockets as ceasefire continues to deteriorate

IDLIB, Syria — Regime forces resumed rocket attacks on the areas under opposition control yesterday.

The rocket strikes hit the Bara, Sfuhen, and other areas south of Idlib city in northwestern Syria. At least two opposition fighters were killed and reportedly three others injured. In retaliation, rebel groups targeted regime positions with rockets in Hantotin.

The exchange of fire along the Idlib frontline comes as the ceasefire agreed to by Russia and Turkey on behalf of the Syrian belligerents slowly unravels.

Joint Russian–Turkish patrols occasionally come under rebel fire, the most recent incident occurring this week when a Turkish armored vehicle was struck by a rocket propelled grenade.

Russia has conducted a number of air strikes in the past week amid near daily surveillance flights by both sides.

Turkey continues to send reinforcements to the “de-escalation zone” in southern Idlib. A new military convoy entered the region this week which included 25 vehicles and trucks with military and logistical materials.