Syriac–Assyrian residents of Darbasiyah, Syria: Our homeland is precious, despite Turkish threats we will stay

DARBASIYAH, Syria — During a tour of Darbasiyah and nearby villages along the Turkish–Syria border, correspondents of SuroyoTV met a number of Christian Syriacs–Assyrians to inquire about the situation of the remaining Christians in the region and their feelings about the constant Turkish threats.

One person from the village of Al-Qarmaniyah, some 4 km from Darbasiyah, told SuroyoTV that:

“When the Sayfo Genocide took place, our Syriac–Assyrian people fled from Turkey to approximately 33 villages in the area, including Al-Qarmaniyah, Jdeideh, Tal Tir, Tal Bas, Qatina, and so on. After that, our people built the city of Darbasiyah and moved to live in it, making up about 80% of the population.”

Daoud Gorgis from the village of Tal Taif, about 7 km from Darbasiyah, said:

“A large number of our Christian people emigrated as a result of the harsh conditions of the area. Darbasiyah was inhabited by 150 Christian families. Now there are only about 20 families left.

I traveled across many European countries, but I did not like their lifestyle. I decided to live in Darbasiyah and never leave it, because the homeland is precious to our hearts. Despite the Turkish threats, we will stay steadfast and will not abandon our land.”