IRAQ: Western Nineveh Operations Command announces central committee for reconstruction of Shengal

NINEVEH PLAINS and SHENGAL, Iraq — Commander of Western Nineveh Operations, Major General Jabbar al-Taie, decaled in a press statement on Friday that, “The Command held a special conference to discuss the service and security situations in Sinjar [Shengal] region, headed by Deputy Commander of Joint Operations Abdel Amir al-Shammari, in the presence of several consultants of the Prime Minister, representatives of Ministry of Immigration and Displacement, and the Martyrs Foundation,” in addition to the Governor of Nineveh Province, his assistants and directors of service departments, as well as a large crowd of Yezidis.

“After listening to all the suggestions, a set of decisions were taken to stabilize the security situation in Sinjar,” added al-Taie, “including forming a central committee authorized by the Prime Minister to reconstruct Sinjar, in addition to opening offices for the Martyrs Foundation and the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement.”

Al-Taie indicated that the office would be open within the next few weeks.

“The most important issues discussed were allocating an emergency budget to Sinjar and its associated cities to increase the return of displaced families and improve the security situation,” Governor of Nineveh Province, Najm al-Jubouri stated. “The Sinjar file is receiving governmental attention.”