Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces commemorates 5th anniversary of its founding

HASAKAH, Syria — On the fifth anniversary of its founding, the General Command of the Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces (HSNB*) issued a statement with the slogan “Freedom for the nation from the freedom of women” in which HSNB and it female security members and fighters affirm their dedication to their goals and principles, the path of the martyrs, as well as a call to Syriac women in general to stand in support of their female security and military forces.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

“By taking up arms in confrontation with the terrorism that stormed the Khabur area, which is an exclusive Syriac Assyrian area, and many areas east of the Euphrates, the women of our Syriac people have achieved national victory over injustice, tyranny, marginalization, and over the prevailing male ideology in society.

Our people have suffered many violations against them by terrorists, including murder and displacement. Despite all of this the Syriac woman was able to prove to everyone her ability to carry arms and defend her homeland alongside the man. The Syriac woman was able to establish a new personality for herself and change male mentality. She was able to achieve equality between men and women.

The establishment of the Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces was on the 30th of August 2015 and was a historic and important national step to defend women and their rights in community. During these years our forces participated in many military campaigns, fought at many fronts, and we opposed armed terrorist groups. The Syriac woman has proven herself and her ability to take full responsibility in facing all life’s difficulties to achieve desired goals.”

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

*Syriac: Huyodo d-Sutoro d-Neshe d-Bethnahrin, HSNB.