IRAQ: New Chaldean Bishop posted to Zakho

BAGHDAD — On Sunday evening, Patriarch of the Chaldean Church, Louis Raphaël I Sako presided over the ceremonial mass marking the posting of the new Bishop of Zakho, Felix Daoud Chebbi, at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Karrada, Baghdad.

The ceremony was attended by Archbishops, priests, nuns, deacons, and a limited number of believers.

After reading from the Gospels, Patriarch Sako delivered a speech congratulating the new Bishop, wishing him success with his spiritual work for the good of the Chaldean Church, and thanking all those who worked in the service of the Church and its renaissance.

Patriarch Sako asked God to give the new Bishop wisdom and grace for good management, calling on him to cultivate joy, peace, safety, love and respect everywhere and wherever he is found.

“Bishops and priests are called to be the example of Christ on earth, distinguished by their comprehensive service, their pastoral, paternalistic care, their leadership wisdom and their human simplicity,” Sako said during the mass.

He also expressed regret that many Archbishops and Bishops could not attend and that the traditional celebration of the posting was not held as a result of the coronavirus.

The Patriarch called on everyone to pray for the end of this global pandemic and for the recovery of all those affected.