SYRIA: Israeli strikes kill 10 members of Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias and a civilian on Monday evening

DARAMSUQ — The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Tuesday  that violent explosions occurred in rural Daramsuq (Damascus) and Daraa as a result of Israeli targeting of military positions of Syrian regime forces and allied Iranian militias south of Damascus and the area of Sheikh Miskine and Izraa.

Israeli Defense Forces have yet to confirm if they conducted the strikes.

Syrian air defenses were reported to have attempted to intercept some of the Israeli strikes. It is unclear if the attempts were successful.

Strikes also targeted the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, Keswa area south of Damascus, and the Air Defense Battalion in the village of Hijana, south of Damascus. It was also reported that strikes targeted Lebanese Hezbollah forces in the countryside of Daraa.

As a result of the strikes, 11 people were reportedly killed. Three members of the Syrian regime forces, including an air defense officer, were killed, as were seven non-Syrian members of regime-allied militias.

The eleventh death was a civilian woman who lost her life as a result of shrapnel from the strike near her home in the village of Hijana.

Some sources circulated unconfirmed reports that the head of Syria’s National Security Bureau, Major General Ali Mamluk, was killed in a strike during a meeting at Damascus International Airport.