LEBANON: Syriac Maronite Archbishops thank those who support Lebanon

BEIRUT — Syriac Maronite Archbishops held their monthly meeting, headed by Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Béchara Boutros al-Raï, at the Patriarchate’s summer residence in Al-Diman, Lebanon.

At the end of the meeting, the Archbishops issued a statement praising the actions of military and civil institutions and organizations who had come from all regions of the country to provide various humanitarian services in cooperation with church institutions in the wake of the massive explosion at the city’s port on 4 August.

They also expressed their thanks to many countries assisting Lebanon with relief and reconstruction support.

The Archbishops also voiced their support for Patriarch al-Raï’s call for the adoption of a national policy of “active neutrality” and considers such a move to be integral to guaranteeing political stability and economic growth.

They hoped to accelerate the formation of a salvation government far from political and partisan affiliations to carry out the desired reforms, fight corruption, and spur economic growth.

The Archbishops also thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his visit to Lebanon, in which he expressed France’s humanitarian, social, and political solidarity with the Lebanese people, and for inviting the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the French-led conference in support of Lebanon, which raised € 253 million for aid and reconstruction.

In their statement, they also thanked His Holiness Pope Francis for declaring 4 September an International Day of Fasting and Prayer for Lebanon.