Revitalizing Nineveh Plains: Women’s gym opens in Syriac Chaldean town of Alqosh

ALQOSH, NINEVEH, Iraq – In further post-ISIS revitalization and re-energizing the development of the Nineveh Governate, the ancient Suraye (Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian) town of Alqosh demonstrated its vitality by the opening of a modern Women’s gym.

According to initiator and owner of the gym Revan Al-Hakim, Elsa Fitness Centre “is equipped with the latest fitness and bodybuilding equipment over 400 square meters and has three designated rooms and a spacious hall in which the various fitness equipment are lined up.” A fitness trainer will supervise the gym.

When ISIS attacked Mosul, the Nineveh Plain and took over the whole Nineveh Governate in 2014, hundreds of thousands of its residents, among them tens of thousands of Suraye (Chaldeans-Syriacs-Assyrians), were forced to flee their ancient Nineveh heartland. The Christian Suraye who returned to Mosul, the Nineveh Plain, the Tel Kef district, and the town of Alqosh, have since experienced much difficulties and demographic pressure. The continuation of a climate of (the threat of) violence, negligence, corruption and insecurity, has held back many Suraye from returning to their towns and villages.

However small, initiatives like the new Women’s gym give hope in bringing back energy and life to the Suraye town of Alqosh and bring back Suraye to their ancient home.

The reconstruction of the tomb of the Prophet Nahum in Alqosh is another such initiative. The tomb of Prophet Nahum in Alqosh is a landmark and a Jewish religious shrine in Iraq. Reconstruction of the 2.600 year-old tomb is underway.

Alqosh. Image: Wikipedia