NORTH & SYRIA: Syrian regime spy cell arrested by Internal Security Forces, cell members admit carrying out killings and bombings

North and East Syria – Members of a Syrian Baath regime spy cell have admitted to being recruited by regime intelligence services which assigned them with the assassination of tribal leaders and to carry out bomb attacks with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to create chaos in the regions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA).

The DAA Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested the cell members recruited by the Syrian regime in the regions of North and East Syria during several security operations. After investigations and interrogations, the spy cell members declared about undermining policies by the Syrian Baath regime against the peoples of the region.

“I myself was tasked with destabilizing Raqqa city, gather information about Arab tribal leaders and the movements of the Syrian Democratic Forces. This in addition to sowing discord among the residents in Raqqa”, spy Yasser Hilal said.

“I met officers of the Syrian intelligence services who asked me to form a spy cell. The officers told me that they would designate me the names of the notables that I should kill”, Hilal added.

Hilal formed a five-member cell that was provided with mines to be detonated in different places in Raqqa.

The spy Ibrahim Shawakh Shalmo from Rish ayno (Ras al-Ayn) admitted to having planted and detonated mines at Abu-Lif fuel station.

The spy Husam al-Din Ali from the town of Rabi’a in the Raqqa countryside admitted that he detonated bombs and mines in Raqqa province.

The spy Rami Qathaniya was arrested while trying to place an IED under the car of Omar Mahmoud, one of the notables of the Arab tribes.

The spy Ramadan Muhammad Rashid said he received explosives from Syrian intelligence officers. He brought the explosives to Raqqa and detonated some of them at the wall of Raqqa.

The spy Ali al-Wardia from Mabbug (Manbij) was assigned to explode IEDs within the ranks of the SDF in Mabbug (Manbij). Syrian Intelligence promised to pay him one million Syrian pounds.

The spy Majeed Hussein from Mabbug (Manbij) participated in exploding an IED near al-Amal Hospital.

The spy Yasser Hussein Othman from Mabbug declared that a Syrian intelligence agent named Abu Abdullah Hashim threatened to rape Yasser’s sister in Holob (Aleppo) if he did not accept the deal. He also exploded an IED in front of al-Amal Hospital, killing 13 civilians.