SYRIA: SDF releases more detainees from Dayro Zcuro into care of tribes, relocates 40 ISIS families from Al-Hol Camp to Roj Camp

HASAKAH, Syria — With the mediation and assurance of local tribal leaders, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released another 350 people who were being held in Al-Hol Camp, mostly residents of the eastern towns of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor).

It is not the first time that SDF has released people after mediation with tribal leaders.

At the end of August, the SDF released dozens of detainees from Dayro Zcuro whom it arrested as part of its joint-security campaigns with the U.S.-ed International Coalition.

At the end of July, another batch of 150 people from 41 families, mostly women and children, were released on mediation by tribal elders in the area.

In related news, the administration of Al-Hol camp, located in the eastern countryside of Hasakah city, transferred two groups totaling 40 Islamic State families, to Roj Camp in the northern countryside of Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) in recent weeks.

The transfer was carried out to reduce the number of people in Al-Hol Camp following a series of attacks and escape attempts from inside the Islamic State detainee section of the camp.

According to camp administrator Nora Abdo, the first group consisted of 53 adults and 33 children from 20 families, with the second groups consisted of 67 adults and 47 children from 20 families. All of those transferred were of non-Syrian nationality.

Abdo noted that the first group arrived at Roj camp on 16 August, while the second group entered the camp on 2 September.

The total number of ISIS families transferred from Al-Hol Camp to Roj Camp is now 285 people from 95 families.