Iraq records highest daily number of new coronavirus infections since beginning of pandemic

BAGHDAD — On Friday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced a significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths in recent weeks due to large gatherings, particularly during the commemoration of Ashura, one of the most important Shia holidays.

The Ministry stated it had recorded the highest daily increase in cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 50,36 new infections and 84 deaths.

According to official statistics, the total number of confirmed infections in Iraq is now more than 252,000, with a death toll pf over 7,300.

The Ministry attributed the increase to large gatherings that took place recently without regard to precautionary measures, such as the wearing of masks and maintaining proper social distancing, especially during the commemoration of Ashura.

According to the Ministry statement, the number of cases is expected to rise further in the coming days, which could lead to the inability of health institutions to control the large numbers of infected. The outcome, said the Ministry, will be an increasing death toll.