Pentagon accuses Russia of launching nuclear arms race

The effects of the Cold War between Russia and the U.S. continue to emerge from time to time.

At a security seminar on Friday, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States Robert Sofer accused Russia of launching a new nuclear arms race and announced that the U.S. had begun a to modernize its nuclear arms program in response to Russian moves to do the same.

Sofer accused Russia’s modernization program as a provocation and stated that if it had not undertaken the program, the U.S. would not have followed suit.

According to Sofer, the United States is moving from conceptualization and design stages to engineering and manufacturing, which will allow these systems to be in place by 2030. The speed with which the U.S. can modernize its nuclear arsenal, said Sofer, was a sign of the U.S.’s superiority over China and Russia in the nuclear field.