Turkish plot to destabilize Raqqa thwarted by Syrian Democratic Forces Counter Terrorism Units

The Press Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) indicated that their Counter Terrorism Units managed to thwart a Turkish intelligence plot aimed at creating chaos under the control of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA).

According to officials, they were also able to seize several weapons and explosive materials in the vicinity of occupied Tel Abyad.

“With these weapons, Turkish intelligence wanted to destabilize the city of Raqqa, as happened in Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) region. However, they were prevented from achieving their goal,” the statement pointed out. “The weapons and materials seized consist of 83 explosive devices, a pistol with 82 bullets, two silencers, and two AK-47s with 8 magazines, 700 bullets.”

In related news, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in the city of Manbij disarmed four explosive devices equipped for detonation after receiving a report by residents about the presence of suspicious foreign objects north of the Al-Assadiya neighborhood.

According to officials, each device contained 16 kilograms of explosives and was connected to a remote detonator via copper wiring.

In the Tel Tamr countryside, 20 members of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army were reportedly killed or wounded following an operation carried out by the SDF on their positions along the Abush-Aniq–al-Hawa axis in the Tel Tamr countryside. According to SDF officials, they successfully targeted a military vehicle for those groups on the Mashafa axis.