Newly constructed refugee camp east of Hasakah receives first group of displaced families from Rish Ayno in North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria — On 16 August, the Hasakah Provincial Council and the Social Affairs and Labor Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) announced that the Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn) refugee camp has been partially equipped to receive people displaced from the October 2019 Turkish invasion of Tel Abyad and Rish Ayno.

Currently, the displaced are residing in 75 schools in Hasakah that were converted into temporary shelters.

The Social Affairs and Labor Authority began transferring the displaced families from Rish Ayno residing in the schools to the new camp, east of Hasakah.

“On the first day, the transfer process included the displaced families residing in three schools, in the neighborhoods of Kababah, Al-Mushirfa, and Al- Nashwa,” Co-Chair of the Directorate of Refugee and Displaced Affairs, Gulestan Oso stated. “All the displaced families residing in other schools will be transferred during the next few days.”

Oso indicated that the reception department in the camp began registering the names of displaced families, which reached more than 66 families on the first day. “The camp’s infrastructure is ready. Each tent has a concrete extension consisting of a kitchen and a bathroom,” Oso added.

Oso mentioned that the DAA has been equipping the camp without assistance from any international organizations so far. About 650 tents have been equipped so far. The Administration expects to extend the camp to 2,650 tents.