Syriac Military Council commander Aram Hanna: No truth to rumors Turkish-backed factions will launch new attack on North and East Syria

TEL TAMR, Syria — In a statement to North Press Agency, commander of the Syriac Military Council Aram Hanna denied rumors that Turkish and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) are preparing to launch a new attack from occupied Tel Abyad and Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn), explaining that media exaggeration of the build-up aims to cover up internal SNA disputes over sharing looted items.

News outlets associated with the SNA have published videos showing dozens of members of extremist factions within the SNA vowing to launch a new attack on the area, without specifying the place and time.

Hanna indicated that fundamental internal disputes continue to erupt between the Turkish-backed factions in Rish Ayno and the countryside of Tel Tamr to the south.

“At the present time, the armed Turkish factions are not able to gather and unite to launch a new attack,” Hanna stated. “Recently, we have noticed the arrival of reinforcements of the Turkish factions at the line of contact, but these reinforcements are defensive rather than offensive.”