NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Deputy Co-Chair of Women’s Authority in Gozarto explains purpose and work of Women’s Voice Committee

ZALIN, Syria — In a statement to SyriacPress, Deputy Co-Chair of Women’s Authority in Gozarto (Jazira) Region Nawal al-Salloum explained that, “The Woman’s Voice Committee, which was announced on 24 November 2019 by the Women’s Authority in Jazira Region, consists of several feminist organizations, including the Syriac Women’s Union, Kongra Star, the Organized Crime Office of the Internal Security Forces, the Women’s Units of the Internal Security Forces, and the Human Rights and Justice offices of the Women’s Authority in Jazira Region.”

“The Woman’s Voice Committee is concerned with all women’s issues including harassment, violence, killings, and abuse,” al-Salloum added, indicating that the Committee also finds appropriate solutions to women’s problems and helps them to take an active role in society through political and economic projects.

Providing job opportunities for women through small projects to reduce unemployment and boost women’s economic independence will have a positive effect on the mental health of women, and on society as a whole, said al-Salloum.

“We in the Women’s Voice Committee hold monthly meetings to discuss all the problems that women are exposed to. Recently, we held our meeting about the pressures that society places on women,” al-Salloum continued. “The pressure can be so much that some women even commit suicide. We discussed ways to solve these problems.”

During the meeting, al-Salloum indicated that many decisions were taken to help curb these phenomena. Awareness campaigns, lectures, seminars, and workshops are planned to help reduce the occurrence of suicide amongst women.

Al-Salloum stressed the importance of the participation of men during the seminars and lectures.

The Women’s Voice Committee plans on coordinating with the psychological counseling centers (AMARA) of the DAA Women’s Authority to help raise awareness about mental health issues.