SYRIA: Al-Khabour Female Youth Club wins Football League Championship in Daramsuq

DARAMSUQ, Syria — On Tuesday, 8 September, the Al-Khabour under-16 Female Youth Club won the national Football League Championship after a 4–2 victory over the Jaramana Youth Club at Al-Faihaa Stadium in the Syrian capital Daramsuq (Damascus). Ten clubs had participated in the Championship.

On 30 August, The Al-Khabour Youth Club left Zalin (Qamishli) airport for Daramsuq. In its first matches, it defeated the Al-Quneitra Youth Club and the As-Suwayda Workers Club.

They drew against the Homs Workers Club In their quarter-finals match, qualifying them for the semi-finals.

The Al-Khabour Club went on to defeat the Al-Arabi Club of As-Suwayda by 7 goals in the semi-finals.