Two ISIS members convicted in Switzerland

BERN — The Swiss Federal Criminal Court found two men guilty of recruiting young people to fight with the Islamic State in Syria. The so-called “Emir of Winterthur” (34) was sentenced to 50 months in prison for recruiting young men at a martial arts school to join the terrorist organization. The man, a dual Swiss-Italian national, traveled to Syria to fight with the Islamic State in 2013 and used his experience as a fighter as a recruitment tool. He was also found guilty of depiction of violence.

His co-defendant, a Swiss-Macedonian dual national (37), was only found guilty of participating in a criminal organization and was acquitted of sexual acts with a child and depiction of violence and pornography.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office had requested prison sentences of three years and six months and 34 months, respectively. The two men’s lawyers called for acquittals.

Pursuant to Swiss legal rules, the identities of the convicted have not been revealed.