Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria thwart escape attempt of four women and their six children from migrant section of Al-Hol Refugee Camp

HASAKAH, Syria — The Internal Security Forces (ISF) foiled an escape attempt by four migrant women and their six children, all of whom had snuck into the Syrian section of the camp in preparation for their escape.

In related news, the Organized Crime Unit of the ISF raided the 5th section of Al-Hol Camp and arrested a Syrian man who was found with large quantity of medicine in his tent.

Escape attempts continue to occur at the understaffed and overstretched Al-Hol.

A Chechen woman affiliated with the ISIS who was arrested by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria in late-July while trying to escape from extremist wing of the Al-Hol Refugee Camp revealed that a Turkish charity was involved in the smuggling of many ISIS women out of the camp.

The evidence and testimony of the Chechen woman, Fatima Radwan Os, demonstrates Turkish involvement in attempts to free members of ISIS from detention in North and East Syria.

Turkey announced it had “rescued” a Moldovan woman and her children from the ISIS section of Al-Hol Camp earlier that month.

Os reportedly stated to North and East Syria officials that Turkey and Turkish-backed factions use the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) to finance the smuggling of ISIS members from the camp.

Os was arrested alongside another woman and her children and mother while trying to flee to Turkey in an empty water tanker. She confirmed during her confession that many ISIS women escaped from the camp through these tanks.

The head of IHH, Fehmi Bülent Yıldırım, was investigated for providing financial support to Al-Qaeda linked groups in 2012.