Three more civilians kidnapped by Turkish-backed groups in occupied Tel Abyad in North and East Syria

TEL ABYAD, Syria — The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army have kidnapped more civilians, this time three residents of armed groups kidnapped three citizens from the Sluk district of the city of Tel Abyad.

According to local sources, the three kidnapped civilians were Yasin Mohammed, Mohammed Bashir al-Hamidi, and Amin Abdullatif Ibrahim.

The SNA has continued their campaign of gross human rights violations against the people in the territory it occupies.

Last week, two civilian brothers were abducted from Um Harmala village outside Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn) and held for ransom.

Also last week, local sources reported the discovery of a hidden prison next to the electricity company building in the village of Arbid. The building is reportedly used by the Turkish-backed SNA to hold abducted civilians for ransom

During a recent spate of in-fighting amongst the Turkish-backed factions occupying Afrin, dozens of women, many of them naked, were freed from a detention center run by the Hamza Division out of their headquarters.

On 1 June, in response to the incident and video showing the enslaved women being removed from the Hamza Division’s headquarters, the Syriac Women’s Union, alongside several other women’s organizations demanded the United Nations and international human rights organizations form a fact finding committee in order to hold the perpetrators of violence against women in Afrin accountable.

According to local human rights monitors, the SNA have also reportedly trafficked women and girls from Afrin to Libya where they are being held in sexual slavery, subjected to mass rape and forced abortion.