Increased frequency of assassinations in Daraa forces Syrian regime to send military reinforcements

DARAA, Syria — During the past two days, assassinations of members of Iranian militias, members of local negotiating committees, and former members of the opposition who have reconciled with the regime have increased in Daraa Province, in southern Syria. Regime reinforcements have been sent to the area.

According to an unidentified local source, Firas Muhammad Khair al-Naasan, who was leading a local group working for the Syrian Air Force Intelligence following reconciliation with the regime, was killed by anonymous assailants after being shot in the town of Tasil, west of Daraa. Civilian Raji al-Naasan was severely wounded in the attack.

Al-Nassan was a former leader in the Syria Revolutionaries Front faction, which was operating in Daraa and its countryside before sectarian militias took over Daraa.

Military reinforcements from the Syrian regime have been moved from Izraa to Sheikh Maskin, a center for Iranian militias and Lebanese Hezbollah, after the regime forces took control of the region in 2016, coming from the camps of Izraa city.

The regime reinforcements have also seized several civilian houses and converted them into military barracks after expelling the owners.