North and East Syria Crisis Cell member Lahdo: Adherence to mask wearing and social distancing more effective than curfew

ZALIN, Syria — Joseph Lahdo, a member of the Crisis Cell in North and East Syria’s Gozarto (Jazira) Region and Co-Chair of the Municipality Directorate of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), said in a statement to SyriacPress that, “The Autonomous Administration recently issued a resolution lifting the curfew and allowing for gatherings, opening of halls, and returning prayers to places of worship, provided that health precautions are followed in terms of social spacing and the use of masks and sterilizers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

“The decision comes after the Crisis Cell and the Health Directorate agreed that the continuation of the curfew without complying with preventive has not been effective in limiting the spread of the pandemic, so the Crisis Cell considered that enforcing proper health rules and personal hygiene is better than following the curfew,” Lahdo continued.

Noting that the number of coronavirus infections has decreased, Lahdo (Syriac Union Party) said the curfew, which was imposed at the confirmation of the first infection in North and East Syria, has complicated and hindered social and economic life and deteriorated living conditions. Adherence to preventive measures has been far more effective, he added.

On 26 August, the Crisis Cell lifted the curfew imposed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In related news, the Syriac Orthodox Church Diocese of Gozarto and the Euphrates the reopening of churches to worshippers and allowing them to attend Sunday Mass and other church services, following recommended preventive measures such as social spacing, the use of muzzles, and periodic sterilization.