British delegation visits North and East Syria for handover of four-year-old British girl from ISIS families

ZALIN, Syria — The Co-Chairship of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) received a British delegation in Gozarto (Jazira) Region for the handover of a British girl from families of the Islamic State (ISIS) to be returned to Britain.

The delegation was headed by British Special Envoy for Syria Martin Longden and received by Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Commission Abdul Karim Omar, head of the Women’s Authority in Gozarto Region Zainab Sarukhan, and Dania Ramadan.

Both sides discussed issues related to the current developments and their impact on North and East Syria, including the Syrian political process and ongoing coronavirus crisis, in addition to Turkish violations in the areas under Turkish control. The delegations also touched on the situation of tens of thousands of forcibly displaced people from the regions invaded by Turkey and the ongoing Turkish project to demographic change the area.

Omar pointed out that this visit was especially important since Britain and North and East Syria are partners in confronting the Islamic State. They also asserted that the crisis in Syria should be resolved in accordance with international decisions and the participation of all components of the Syrian people.

The delegations also discussed the humanitarian situation in the region and the challenges in combatting the spread of the coronavirus in the absence of significant international support.

The main purpose for the British delegation’s visit was the handover of a four-year-old British girl from families of the Islamic State, according to an official handover document signed between the DAA and the United Kingdom.

Special Envoy Longden expressed his thanks and gratitude to the DAA for its assistance in facilitating the procedures of returning the British girl to Britain.