United Nations report: Turkish-backed Syrian National Army have committed war crimes of torture, murder, and rape

GENEVA — The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria released a 25-page report on Tuesday calling on Turkey to put an end to wide-spread war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by its proxy forces, the Syrian National Army (SNA), in the areas under its occupation.

According to the report, there is significant evidence that the Turkish-backed SNA has committed, and continue to commit torture, murder, displacement, rape, and the looting of property.

The Commission of Inquiry also stated that the transfer of civilians from Syria to Turkish territory for trial after their detention by the SNA is considered as illegal deportation and thus, a war crime.

Commission Chairman Paulo Pinheiro stated that the SNA is likely to has committed war crimes in Afrin, Rish ayno (Ras al-Ayn), and the surrounding areas.

“Turkey must prevent these violations and ensure the protection of civilians in the areas under its control,” he continued.

Commission member Hani Majli declared that Turkey has funded and trained the SNA and facilitated its entry to Syria via the Turkish territory.