USUP President Ibrahim Mrad: Iran and its proxies have succeeded in making Lebanon a failed state

BEIRUT – President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad argued that Iran had succeeded in making Lebanon a failed state and has pushed the Arab Gulf states closer to Israel through its policies of aggression.

“Iran has greatly succeeded in making the Arab Gulf states and other countries sign peace treaties and full normalization with Israel,” said Mrad, referring to the diplomatic and economic normalization agreements signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirate, and Bahrain this week. “Of course, it is in the interest of these countries to sign these agreements” in the wake of increased Iranian aggression throughout the region, he added.

“Iran and its militias have succeeded in making Lebanon a failed state, as Lebanon lost its independence, its cultural, political, educational, and economic independence. Lebanon has lost its intellectuals, its genius, and the energy of its youth. This loss made Lebanon like Venezuela and Afghanistan,” Mrad declared.

“All of that, under the vulgar title of, liberating Palestine and throwing the Jews into the sea, whose actual meaning is only extortion, lies, and quackery,” he continued. “Whereas the real purpose of this failed endeavor is actually establishing the project of the reactionary Persian Islamic state.”

Mrad called for cultivating a culture of peace among peoples and homelands instead of adopting a culture of reaction and death and for the Lebanese people and oppressed peoples to wake up before it is too late.