Joint statement by political parties in North and East Syria condemning Turkish-backed war crimes

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Several political parties, including the Syriac Union Party (SUP), issued a statement condemning the crimes committed by Turkey and its Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies. The statement called for U.N. fact-finding committees to be allowed access to the Turkish-occupied areas of Syria and for the U.N. and international powers to pressure Turkey and the SNA to exit Syrian territory.

The statement also praised the memorandum of understanding signed between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the People’s Will Party (PWP) in Moscow, since the memorandum expresses a strategic vision to solve the Syrian crisis.

Furthermore, the parties condemned the statements of the Syrian regime regarding the educational process. The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria has protected and restored schools even when the Syrian regime was withdrawing from the region and leaving it to its fate against the Islamic State and other extremist forces, said the statement.

The DAA has established an inclusive educational curricula in the Syriac, Arabic, and Kurdish languages. This curriculum has been taught in schools across North and East Syria.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

By time, facts on the ground show that the Turkish state and its terrorist proxies committed crimes that are considered as war crimes, including murder based on the identity, kidnapping, seizure of private property, cutting and burning trees, cutting water on hundreds of thousands of civilians, undertaking systematic demographic change against the Kurdish people and housing (settling) the terrorists instead of them, as well as killing and displacing the Syriacs-Assyrians, Armenians and Yazidis. The major crime is the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territory, which is the main reason behind those crimes.

We thank the Independent International Investigation Committee on Syria for what it has done about exposing these crimes. However, what is happening on the ground is more than what was written in the committee report.

The parties that signed this statement condemn the crimes committed by Turkey and its terrorist proxies and demand the entry of the UN fact-finding committees to the Turkish-occupied Syrian areas to pressure Turkey and its Syrian National Army, as well as the groups under its leadership, including Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda, Al-Amshat, Al-Turkistan Islamic Party and other terrorists, to exit from the Syrian territory.

We also commend the memorandum of understanding signed between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the People’s Will Party (PWP) in Moscow, as it expresses a strategic vision to solve the Syrian crisis.

We would like to declare our support for the ongoing Kurdish dialogue between the Kurdish National Unity Parties on the one hand and the Kurdish National Council on the other hand, hoping to reach effective results as soon as possible, in a way that supports the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) process and supports a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

We also condemn the statements of the Syrian regime regarding the educational process. By the time, the Democratic Autonomous Administration was protecting and restoring schools in North and East Syria, the Syrian regime was handing over the region to confront its inevitable fate, in the face of the terrorist forces, especially the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Democratic Autonomous Administration has prepared good educational curricula, in Arabic Kurdish and Syriac languages, according to the principle of each component’s right to learn in its own mother tongue. The curricula are based on equality in rights and duties among the various components of the Syrian people. Besides, the curricula are taught in thousands of schools in areas of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The violations of the Turkish state in the Middle East and its occupation for territory of sovereign states, or its support for terrorist forces, require all political forces, movements and every supporter of freedom and justice to stand against the Turkish state and establish a principled stance against it. We also support the campaign, “Stop isolation, Fascism and occupation, it is time for freedom,” and we are joining it everywhere.

Signing Parties:

The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change

Democratic Union Party

Syriac Union Party

Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

Kurdistan Liberal Union

Kurdistan Communist Party

Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

Kurdish Left Party in Syria

Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria

Kurdistan National Assembly

Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

Kurdistan Renewal Movement

Kurdistan Workers’ Union

Arab National Authority

Party of Modernity and Democracy for Syria

Kurdistan Green Party

Democratic Accord Party

Reform Movement – Syria

Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Parti)

Assyrian Democratic Party

Kurdistan Brotherhood Party

Kurdish Democratic Roj Party in Syria

Free Patriotic Union – Rojava

Kurdistan Future Movement

Democratic Society Movement

Kongra Star

Democratic Conservative Party

Democratic Struggle Party