Beth Nahrin National Council issues statement regarding Martyrdom of Syriac Military Council fighter ‘Malki’

The Beth Nahrin National Council (MUB) issued a statement about the martyrdom of fighter Alaa ‘Malki’ Abdullahad of the Syriac Military Council (MFS or Mawtbo Fulhoyo Suryoyo). Alaa Abdullahad passed away in a hospital in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, after a struggle with terminal illness.

The MUB statement emphasized the just struggle of the Syriac Military Council, which, side by side with the rest of the peoples and components of North and East Syria, aims to protect the region;

“The national and social struggle led by the Beth Nahrin National Council for the freedom of our people continues in all areas and at all levels. Under the leadership of the Council, political and military organizations and dozens of social institutions operate within our people all over the world to carry out and implement the responsibilities entrusted to them.”

The statement refers to the support provided by our people for the various national activities and objectives. “Some, if necessary, sacrifice themselves for the sanctity of the freedom of our people.”

The statement clarified that the aim of establishing the military and policing forces Syriac Military Council, the Sutoro Internal Security Forces, and the Beth Nahrin Women’s Protection Forces is to defend and safeguard the free life of our people and protect and preserve all of our people’s property and lands.

The statement continued;

“The Syriac Military Council and the Beth Nahrin Women Protection Forces have given dozens of martyrs and wounded during their participation in the war against the terrorist organization ISIS. Syriacs, Armenians, Arabs, and Kurds all joined under the umbrella of the Syriac Military Council and the Syrian Democratic forces in this common struggle to achieve freedom and enable the peoples to build the foundations of coexistence. On this path to freedom, some fighters gave their lives on the battle fronts and others died as a result of illness after refusing to lay down their weapons in this just struggle.”

According to the statement Martyr Alaa ‘Malki’ Abdullahad joined the ranks of the MFS in 2017. He fought with dedication and sincerity on behalf of the Syriac people and all peoples of North and East Syria. Martyr Malki remained committed to his sacred duty to defend the freedom and rights of our people until the last day of his life, 17 September.

At the end of its statement, the Beth Nahrin National Council offered its “heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the family of Martyr Alaa ‘Malki’ Abdullahad, to the leadership of the Syriac Military Council, and to our Syriac people, affirming that the martyrs are the light that illuminate the darkness on the path of our revolutionary liberation struggle.”