UN-ESCWA Syria report: $ 442 billion lost, 12 million people need humanitarian aid after eight years of war

There is no doubt that the Syrian civil war has caused great damage to the country’s people and infrastructure. A new report released by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (UN-ESCWA) and the University of St. Andrews revealed that, by the end of the 8th year of the conflict, Syria has suffered economic losses estimated at more than $ 442 billion.

According to the report, nearly 12 million people have been in need of humanitarian aid and an entire generation of children have grown up not knowing peace. Nearly 3 million Syrian children stayed out of school in 2018.

In terms of infrastructure, 82% of the damage resulting from the conflict has occurred in seven sectors: housing, mining, security, transportation, manufacturing, power generation, and health. The war has caused nearly $118 billion in damages and $ 325 billion in lost GDP. Annual GDP is now 54% what it was in 2010, before the war.

Exports have plummeted over the past eight years from $8.7 billion to only $700 million.

The imbalance between imports and exports has widened the trade deficit and contributed to a sharp collapse of the Syrian Pound vs the U.S. Dollar.