SYRIA: Girl kidnapped in Ayn Tarma in Daramsuq countryside

AYN TARMA, Syria — In the security chaos that has gripped areas of Syria controlled by the Assad regime, kidnappings have become a regular occurrence and a source of livelihood for some.

Local sources in the town of Ayn Tarma in eastern Ghouta in the Daramsuq (Damascus) countryside reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) that a girl was kidnapped roughly a week ago while she was returning home from school.

The issue of her kidnapping soon became a matter of public opinion that angered the general public as it was a potent symbol of the lawlessness and chaos endemic in regime-controlled areas.

Two days ago, the girl’s kidnappers called her family, demanding them to pay $50,000 for her release.

Activists circulated an audio recording between the girl’s father and one of the kidnappers. The kidnapper spoke in a Lebanese accent and said that someone asked him to carry out the kidnapping operation without specifying the reasons.