IRAQ: Syriac Writers Union holds Youth Cultural Forum in Bartella, Nineveh Plain

BARTELLA / NINEVEH PLAIN, Iraq – The Syriac Writers Union held a Youth Cultural Forum in the predominately Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian town of Bartella in the Nineveh Plain. The Syriac Writers Union is an organization which aims are to teach, develop, and spread the Syriac language – which is a recognized language in Iraq. It does so by supporting Syriac writers, issuing magazines, books, and poetry and holding Syriac language festival.

The forum started with a minute of silence on the souls of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian martyrs. President of the Syriac Writers Union Rawand Bolus opened the Youth Cultural Forum. Poet Zuhair Barada, member of the Executive Office of the General Union of Writers, recited poems. Several other poets recited their poetry in Syriac and Arabic.

The Forum’s included two lectures, one on cultural institutions and the second on Syriac poetry.

The Youth Cultural Forum forum concluded with musical performances about the heritage and legacy of Bartella.

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