SYRIA: Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Mor Maurice Amsih honors Father Samaan Issa and inaugurates new classes at Madrashto d’Sabro in Qabre Hewore

QABRE HEWORE, Syria — Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Gozarto (Jazira) and Euphrates His Eminence Mor Maurice Amsih held a Divine Liturgy in the Virgin Mary Church in Qabre Hewore (Al-Qahtaniyah) assisted by priest of the Virgin Mary Church Father Samaan Issa.

During his sermon, Archbishop Amsih spoke about the importance of establishing new classrooms in the Al-Amal Private School (Madrashto d’Sabro) in the town.

During the Divine Liturgy, the Archbishop honored Father Issa on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his priestly ordination.

After the Divine Liturgy, the Copper Scout Regiment performed musical compositions which were followed by the inauguration of new classes in Madrashto d’Sabro.

In an interview with SuroyoTV, Archbishop Amsih remarked on the occasion:

Today we gathered with the children of the Church, the Local Council of the Denomination and the Priest Samaan Issa, in this blessed Church of Virgin Mary in Qabre Hewore. We are proud of this blessed parish and the efforts of the priest Samaan, who has given so much to this parish during his 25 years of spiritual service. I also thank and wish success for SuroyoTV, for their coverage of all activities related to our Syriac people. I also call on all of our people in all parts of the world to pay attention to the Syriac language and the Church. Again, we congratulate the 25th anniversary of Priest Samaan priestly ordination and may the Lord bless him.