TUR ABDIN: Romanian Monks visit Syriac Monasteries and Churches of Tur Abdin

MIDYAT / MARDIN, Turkey – A delegation of Romanian monks last week visited the ancient Syriac churches and monasteries in the historic Syriac region of Tur Abdin, southeast Turkey. The monks were received by the two incumbent archbishops of the Mor Gabriel Monastery Rev. Samuel Aktaş, and Rev. Saliba Özmen the Mor Hananyo Monastery Dayr al-Zafaran. Rev. Samuel Aktaş is the archbishop of the Tur Abdin diocese and Rev. Saliba Özmen is the archbishop of the Mardin and Omid diocese.

The Romanian monks traveled to Tur Abdin to see up close one of the historical heartlands of Syriac Christianity and be informed about Syriac heritage, monk-hood, and the history of the century’s old monasteries and churches. They were first received by Mor (Rev.) Samuel Aktaş who gave them a tour of the the Mor Gabriel Monastery. From there they visited the Mor Hananyo monastery – Syriac: Dayro d’Kurkmo du Zacfaran.

For the article in Syriac: Gudo dı dayroye me Romanya sımme socurutho la dayre d’Turcabdin