Kurdistan Region President Nêçîrvan Barzani discussed components affairs with Iraqi minister Aiden Maarouf

ERBIL, Iraq — During a meeting between the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), Nêçîrvan Barzan, and the Minister for Component Affairs, Aiden Maarouf, matters related to the components of the KRI were discussed and an emphasis was placed on the coexistence, equality of rights, and civic duties of the peoples of the region. The role and participation in the political and administrative process of minority peoples in the region was also discussed.

Maarouf gave an overview of the conditions, affairs and needs of the religious and national components in the region, pointing out the application of study in various languages ​​and cultural heritage activities.

President Nêçîrvan stressed the KRI’s policy of protecting and deepening the rich culture of coexistence, acceptance of others and tolerance among all national and religious components in the region, so that Turkmen, Christians, Yezidis, Kaka’is (Ahl-e Haqq), Shabaks, Arabs, and Kurds are all equal.