SYRIA: Zalin Heart and Eye Hospital working to expand treatment options

ZALIN, Syria — In a statement to SuroyoTV, Gulestan Aziz, Co-Chair of the Heart and Eye Hospital in Zalin (Qamishli), stated that the hospital has installed a vision correction device to alleviate the need for patients to travel to other cities in order to undergo surgery.

Aziz added that the coronavirus was one of the reasons for the delayed installation of the device, noting that they performed many surgeries with it, all of them successful.

Aziz also noted that the hospital is working to introduce various other surgeries for heart and eye diseases.

She concluded by stressing the hospital is working to serve the residents of the city and surrounding area and will do their best to expand the available treatments as soon as is possible.

The Heart and Eye Hospital is a low-cost hospital established by the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) on 21 January 2020.