Syrian Democratic Council holds series of dialogues about administrative system and national political solution

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held a dialogue seminar in the city of Raqqa on Wednesday attended by members of the Executive Council of the SDC, the Raqqa Civil Council, community figures, and religious and tribal leaders.

The symposium, “Towards a National Conference for the People of the Gozarto (Jazira) and the Euphrates”, included discussions about the Syrian–Syrian dialogue, dialogue with the opposition, dialogue with the government, the ongoing Kurdish–Kurdish dialogue, and a reflection on the national political solution as a whole.

The symposium also discussed the historical relations between the peoples of the region and their role in building the Autonomous Administration, mechanisms for developing participation in the system, and the institutional work of the Administration.

Over the past weeks, the SDC has held similar dialogue seminars in Hasakah, Mabbug (Manbij), and Kobani. A total of 14 seminars are scheduled to be held in most cities and regions across North and East Syria.

The dialogues are taking place, according to the organizers, to gauge the public’s opinions on the mechanisms of managing the region and to establish a platform to open dialogues between the SDC, the Syrian government, and the Syrian opposition in the future.

Following the dialogues, a conference will be held for all regions in North and East to attend. The SDC then hopes to hold similar dialogues in other parts of Syria.