IRAQ: Iraqi Counter-Terrorism forces thwart suicide terrorist operation against Imam Hussein Memorial

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service issued a statement saying that after vigilant and continuous intelligence monitoring, Iraqi forces were able to carry out an operation north of the capital Baghdad this Saturday in which they thwarted a terrorist operation by two suicide bombers targeting visitors of the 40th Imam Hussein Memorial.

The statement clarified that the arrest of the terrorists took place after accurate intelligence gathering and a great effort from the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service. On 20 September, Iraqi National Security forces arrested a leader of Wilayat al-Iraq (Islamic State of Iraq) in Baghdad who was preparing to carry out terrorist operations targeting visitors of the Imam Hussein memorial in Karbala. The arrested person confessed to having led attacks against Iraqi security apparatus in Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk) Province.

Every year, the Imam Hussein memorial is being held in Iraq. It is one of the largest human gatherings in the world, as millions of visitors visit Karbala city on foot.