IRAQ: Al-Kadhimi and U.S. officials discuss way forward for security cooperation

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Tuesday welcomed U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller and commander of the International Coalition in Iraq, General Paul Calvert.

During their meeting, they discussed ways to improve security cooperation between the United States and Iraq, as well as the implementation of the outcomes of recent strategic dialogues held between the two countries.

Tensions between the Washington and Baghdad have been increasing lately.

The Green Zone in Baghdad, which includes government institutions, foreign embassies, and military bases, has recently witnessed a series of rocket and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks by unknown parties for months.

The U.S. has warned that it will pull out of its embassy in Baghdad if the rockets attacks aren’t stopped.

In related news, Iraqi forces announced Tuesday that they were able to arrest one of the Islamic State’s highest level members, “al-Raqawi”, during a security operation in the village of Al-Kassirin in Nineveh Province’s Hamdaniya District.

According to the statement, al-Raqawi is one of the most senior members of the so-called Al-Kawaser Group, which has been involved in several battles against security forces.