European Syriac Union calls for immediate ceasefire and peace process by respecting the will of people of Artsakh, says Turkey exacerbates Caucasian conflict

BRUSSELS – On the ongoing conflict between Armenia / Nagorno-Karabakj and Azerbaijan, the European Syriac Union party issued a press statement calling for the international community to work for an immediate ceasefire and a subsequent peace process between the two countries by respecting the will of people of Artsakh.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********


More than a week now, we are following with the great concern ongoing conflict and war between Armenian and Azeri forces in the Artsakh, Nagorno-Karabakh amid civilian casualties and silence of the regional and international community. While the world passes throughout challenging period with Covid-19, political turmoil in the Middle East, new developments from the Caucasian region add new dimension to the international political parameters.

While the international community hesitates and unwilling to stop conflict and aggression of Azeri forces, third countries are fuelling conflict by providing military support as well as military forces from Syria. This said, Turkey’s position deepen Caucasian conflict by transporting jihadists from Syria which has been documented by various media channels. Moreover, aggressive and warmongering position of Turkey and statement from authorities undermine presence  also Armenian and Christian communities in the country.

While the conflict continues and reaches residential regions, towns and cities amid Armenian fears of centennial tragedy, Minsk Group and international community has responsibility to call for an urgent ceasefire and creation of peace process among two countries by respecting the will of Artsakh people.

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