SYRIA: Turkish artillery fire kills shepherd tending flock outside Mabbug

MABBUG, Syria — On Tuesday, Turkish forces and their Syrian National Army (SNA) used heavy weapons to shell several villages in the northern countryside of Mabbug (Manbij) in northern Syria, killing a displaced person and extensively damaging civilian property.

According to a local source, a displaced man from Hmoth (Homs) was killed during the shelling of Um al-Hosan north of Mabbug while tending to his sheep in the area.

The source noted that the villages of Um Glud, Tal Saida, Um Adasa, and Al-Dandaniya were also targeted.

The Manbij Military Council’s Press Office reported that the shelling originated from Turkish military bases in the villages of Sheikh Nasser and Yashli.

From time to time, Turkish forces and their SNA proxies shell villages around Mabbug, often killing and injuring civilians and damaging civilian infrastructure.