Two Russian patrols conducted in Dayrik in North and East Syria, despite Sunday protest by residents

DAYRIK (AL-MALIKIYAH), Syria — Two days after their attempt to establish a new base in the countryside of Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) in North and East Syria, Russian Military Police conducted two separate patrols in the area on Tuesday

Yesterday’s patrols come after a patrol on Sunday was turned away by residents protesting in the village of Ein Dewar outside Dayrik.

One of Tuesday’s patrols headed to the village of Ein Dewar, the other headed to the villages of Qasr Deeb, west of Dayrik, and the village of Kani Ne’ma, in the northwestern countryside of Dayrik.

Russian forces have tried on multiple occasions to expand their presence in the North and East Syria. Sunday’s attempt was the fifth time Russian forces have tried to establish positions near Dayrik amid protests by locals who object to their presence.