Elisabeth Gawriye: Russia and Syrian regime trying to undermine democratic project in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) Elisabeth Gawriye rejected statements made by Syrian government officials accusing the DAA of seeking secession and vehemently stressed that the foundation of the DAA is the camaraderie and equality of all Syrians.

According to a statement released by Gawriye, Russia and the Syrian regime are attempting to pit the people and peoples of Syria against one another to destroy the democratic project that is developing in North and East Syria. This attack, says Gawriye, stems from the intransigence of the central government to compromise on reforms and its maintenance of a centralist vision for the country.

Gawriye concluded her statement by saying that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is a national dialogue between Syrians, pointing out that this is what the DAA and the Syrian Democratic Forces are working towards. Russia and other states involved in the Syrian crisis, argued Gawriye, are seeking to advance their own interests and not the interests of the Syrian people.

Over the past two months, the DAA and Syrian Democratic Council have organized a series of public dialogues about democratic governance in North and East Syria and the country as a whole.

The SDC has organized a series of public dialogues across North and East Syria to discuss the administrative system, hear people’s complaints, and discuss ways towards improvement.