25,000 children in and around Kobanî in North and East Syria vaccinated for Polio

KOBANÎ, Syria — The Kurdish Red Crescent announced it has completed its polio vaccination campaign in the city of Kobanî and the surrounding countryside, vaccinating 24,936 children.

The campaign, which began on 10 October, lasted five days and was conducted by 60 members of the Kurdish Red Crescent and the Euphrates Region Health Directorate, said Abdi al-Ali, a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent.

Al-Ali said the campaign targeted children from ages of one day old to five years old with an oral dose of the polio vaccine.

Al-Ali said the campaign covered the city of Kobanî, the surrounding countryside, the town of Sarin and its countryside, with the exception of some eastern villages whose children were vaccinated earlier in July.

He also noted that the 25,000 doses of the vaccine were received from the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Euphrates Region Health Directorate.