Revitalizing Nineveh Plains: Beth Nahrain Organization for Women renovates damaged automotive accessories shop in Baghdede

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — In collaboration with the Shai Fund and Aurora Prize, the Beth Nahrain Organization for Women (BNOW) in Baghdede has assisted in the renovation of an automotive accessories shop which was severely damaged after an electrical fire.

Shop owner Robert M. expressed deep gratitude for BNOW’s assistance in getting his shop reopened.

BNOW has partnered with the Shai Fund, USAID, Stichting Ismael Foundation, Operation Blessing, Eagle Watch, and Syriac Cross to undertake a number of initiatives including trainings, art therapy classes, and small business support.

In early September, BNOW opened a modern gym for women in the Suraye (Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian) town of Alqosh.

According to founder and owner of the gym, Revan al-Hakim, the Elsa Fitness Centre “is equipped with the latest fitness and bodybuilding equipment” and has “three designated rooms and a spacious hall in which the various fitness equipment are setup”.

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(Image: SuroyoTV)

(Image: SuroyoTV)