Turkey begins withdrawal from besieged outposts in northwestern Syria

EDLEB, Syria — Turkish forces are preparing to withdraw from one of its largest military outposts in Syria’s Edleb (Idlib). The military outpost in Morek, on the border between Edleb and Hemto (Hama) provinces, along with several other Turkish military points in the area, have effectively been besieged by Russian and Syrian regime forces since after a regime offensive retook a swathe of Edleb Province earlier this year. Sources indicated that Turkey made the decision in coordination with Russia.

Empty flatbed trucks used for transporting heavy equipment were seen driving in the direction of Morek.

Local sources confirmed that Turkish personnel inside Morek began dismantling equipment there, in addition to removing the outposts observation towers.

Turkish forces have been present at the Morek outpost for about two years and four months. It is expected that they will evacuate all military points behind the current frontline in northwestern Syria.