President of Future Syria Party Qaftan: Turkey is exporting its internal crises abroad

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a lengthy interview with SuroyoTV, Ibrahim Qaftan, president of the Future Syria Party, expressed his sadness at the murder of prominent member Hevrin Khalaf one year ago by members of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

Khalaf was killed alongside her colleague Farhad Ramadan and two security personnel in October 2019 by members of the SNA while driving along the M4 highway.

“Hevrin,” said Qaftan, “espoused an ideology of peace and dialogue with all Syrian parties, whether supporting the Future Syria Party or hostile to it, to reach a political solution that guarantees the rights of all Syrians on their various components.”

Qaftan, in turn, blamed the Turkish government for the crimes being committed against the people of North and East Syria, saying that without Turkish support for the SNA, the region wouldn’t have been invaded and currently under occupation.

“Unfortunately, these factions are still wreaking havoc not only in Syrian territory, but they have passed their mess to other countries, previously to Libya, also to Iraq, and finally to Azerbaijan, said Qaftan. “They have become mercenaries hired by Turkey who transports them wherever they want in accordance with their interests.”

Qaftan concluded by saying that Turkey is exporting its internal crises abroad to cover up its political failure at home, and that it continues to tamper with the security of the region. The International community is finally realizing that Turkey is a destabilizing force in the region.