TURKEY: Stolen Syriac Bible recovered in Gaziantep after anti-crime operation

@gazetesabro – A Syriac Bible written on gazelle skin, which was stolen after the looting of a museum in Aleppo, was found back by Turkish police in Gaziantep. Turkish newschannel NTV, says the discovery of the Bible was announced in a written statement by the Provincial Police Department after Anti-Smuggling and Organised Crime forces recovered the Syriac Bible in a anti-crime operation. Three people were detained.

The stolen Syriac Bible was stolen in Aleppo and brought to Turkey for further sale on the black market – most probably on the Western antique black market. The Bible is valued at over $1 million according to the assessment of antiquities experts.

*The NTV article identifies the Bible as “İbranice” or Hebrew but the associated pictures prove it to be Syriac.