SYRIA: Intense fighting between ISIS and regime forces in Hemto (Hama). ISIS takes control of Ethraya countryside

HEMTO (HAMA), Syria – Clashes between the Baath regime’s Syrian Arab Army and ISIS terrorists in the far eastern countryside of Hemto (Hama) have resulted in ISIS taking control of the eastern countryside of Ethraya. The clashes are accompanied by intense air strikes by Russian warplanes and regime helicopters on ISIS positions on several front, mainly concentrated in al-Rahjan, Shakousiyyah, and Athariyah in the far eastern countryside of Badia of Hemto (Hama).

ISIS terrorists managed by surprise attacks on regime positions in the eastern countryside of Ethraya, to control the positions and seize vehicles and ammunition of regime forces there.

The violent hostilities have been going on for 72 hours and come with many confirmed wounded and killed on both sides. Loss of contact with dozens of Baath regime forces is also reported.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in the first 2 days of violent clashes and intense aerial and ground bombardments, 21 regime forces and affiliated militia forces were killed. 13 ISIS terrorists are reported killed. The number of seriously wounded is high and deaths are expected to rise.