United Arab Emirates and the United States launch strategic dialogue

WASHINGTON / ABU DHABI – Within the framework of joint cooperation and close relations between the governments of the United Arab Emirates and the United States, the two countries issued a joint statement on Thursday, announcing the launch of an Emirati-American strategic dialogue. The statement stated that this initiative is evidence of the efforts made by the UAE and the U.S. to enhance regional stability and cooperation as partners in peace. The strategic dialogue includes a number of key strategic areas in political and military coordination and cooperation with the aim to promote mutual political interests, resolving regional issues, promoting tolerance, and combating extremism.

The statement also stressed that the dialogue aims to emphasize the importance of defense coordination between the U.S. and the UAE to deter military threats through joint planning, training, exercises and interoperability of equipment as it enables the deepening and expansion of defense and intelligence relations.

The strategic dialogue comes after the signing of the ‘Abraham’ Peace Accord between the UAE and Israel, established with US support.