U.S. State Department targets three Hezbollah officials accused of terrorist activities, offers up to $10 million for information

WASHINGTON / BEIRUT – In a campaign of continuous political and financial pressure on Lebanese Hezbollah, the US State Department announced under its Rewards for Justice program, a multi-million dollar reward for everyone who can provide information on three designated officials of Hezbollah or the “Party of Group”. Hezbollah is classified a terrorist organization by the US government.

The U.S. State Department said that it would provide rewards in exchange for information on the three officials Muhammad Qasir, Ali Qasir, and Muhammad Qasim al-Bazzal. American authorities accuse the three officials of supporting Hezbollah’s terrorist activities financially. The State Department stated that the three are supervising the financial transfers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to Hezbollah and the supervision over hidden oil supplies for the benefit of the Iran’s al-Quds Force, part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The reward offer comes a day after the US Treasury Department issued a package of sanctions against two members of the Hezbollah Central Council, three Iranian entities, and the Iranian ambassador to Iraq. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. will continue its targeted campaign of dismantling Hezbollah financially to stop Hezbollah operationally.

23 October marks the 37th commemoration of Hezbollah’s bombing of Marine Barracks in Beirut.